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About Us

Imperivm holds a wide spectrum of boards and products. Continue feedback and insights from team riders, testers, clients and crew generates every year a top collection. Manufactured of the best materials and implemented with the latest technologies. For every budget, experience or preference: Imperivm always has the perfect board to match your needs!

We are proud to present you our new board, boots, helmet, goggle, long- and skateboard range for the ’13-’14 season. Discover Imperivm with this fresh mix of passion, party and of course fun.
Familiar styles with just that tad more with new accents in our products and designs.

Join the Imperivm community. Be part of our family and spread the love for the mountains, the riding, the parties …

We are Animals, who are you?

We are all driven by this beast within ourselves. On the slopes and afterwards, we want to unleash this relentless energy. But we never forget where we come from. We are all part of a bigger eco-system. Every day we enjoy the beauty of nature. So we also need to respect it!

In 2004 the former Belgian pro-snowboarder Demir Julia created the brand Imperivm. His dream was to build out a strong and rider-driven snowboard brand with Belgian roots and a European touch.

Imperivm literally means to rule. It refers to the feeling a rider gets when standing on top of a mountain, hanging above the halfpipe or catching a street rail. Imperivm gives you this feeling!

Step by step Imperivm earned its credits in the snowboard scene. Together with a team of diligent riders from all over Europe Imperivm became the no-nonsense brand of nowadays. A stylish mix between street and tattoo designs. Driven by pure snowboarding fun. 

Imperivm is a brand by and for boarders. Together we can grow bigger and better. Our goal? Provide the gear to pass on our passion for snow- and skateboarding.

From 2009 on, Imperivm got the support of United Brands, the market leader of wintersport in Belgium. Now you can find our boards from Canada to Russia, over Europe. No matter where you go, Imperivm will be there!

Made in Europe

Imperivm is the only pure Belgian snowboard brand in the world and we are proud of it! Together with you we want to put Imperivm on the European and world map.

Every board has a story. Imperivm strives to deliver perfection. From searching the best materials, to adjusting the design so it becomes a unique experience to ride one of our boards, till the eye of absolute detail from our graphic department.

Our team is a mix of riders from over whole Europe. Check them out here. They defend the Imperivm name and glory outland and abroad. Have you always dreamed of becoming an Imperivm rider? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Love for the snowboarding lifestyle:
Tightpants whirling over a kicker or basketball jersey covered in bling landing that no-grab urban drop, we don't discriminate. As long as you love what you do and how you do it, we're there to provide you with the tools to make it happen.
We all share the same passion and even if the culture, technology and styles evolve over the years, we are always open for all input from team riders, experienced shredders or beginning board-lovers. We're dedicated to enhance your riding experience! Get back to us with anything you want to share.
Respect for our environment:
We all live and ride on the same planet and hope to do so for centuries to come. It is only fair to respect the nature in all its beauty and grandeur and look after it for the next generations. We at IMPERIVM are glad to make our contribution to that with eco-friendly materials, production techniques, and headquarters that run on green energy.
High quality in everything we do: 
High quality and reliability starts with top-notch products and designs; but it doesn't stop there. No-nonsense after sales and total client satisfaction are the next aspect in which we want to excel. Because a day without your gear is a day without riding.

Think Green

We are animals and we love nature. This planet is our playground. Dropping of a pipeline in the urban jungle, climbing to that spot where no boarder ever has been, slaloming through the big trees in the background … There are no limits. Let’s keep it that way!

Without snow, Imperivm wouldn’t exists.
We live for the mountains! That’s why Imperivm thinks green. Not because it’s hip & trendy nowadays, but because we respect nature so much.

Our boards consist out of FSC* certified wood and eco-friendly materials. Our top sheets are environmental friendly. Our boards are made in a factory in the middle of a forest in Poland. This way we reduce our footprint even more.


Respect the Mountains

Together with the Dutch non-profit organization Respect the Mountains we stride for the containment of the nature and unique habitat of the mountains.
We enjoy our trips to the powder now, let the future generations be able to do the same thing.

Imperivm supports this project and so could you. Discover how with the 7 ways to Respect the Mountain. Let’s keep our playground clean!